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If you are thinking of buying real identity cards with all security or advanced safety features, but don't know how & where to buy Id cards from, your search ends here. Our made id cards have barcodes, magnetic stripes, hologram, laser engraving, micro text, fluorescent overlay, microchip and many other hi-tech security features.
While it may take weeks to obtain an identification card from the authorities, you can sort things out in a matter of minutes at you only need to select a country and complete an application form. When filling it out, make sure you provide all the necessary details to be shown on your card. 
 For those who need a document to buy alcohol or camouflage their identities, a fake ID will be suitable. To get more details on the difference between these two types.

German Identity Card

Bundesdruckerei  Registered

Called a personalausweis in German, this identification card features a full color bearer photograph, faux  holographic effects, signature and personal information.

While it may take weeks to obtain an identification card from the authorities, you can sort things out in a matter of minutes. We’re your number one source 



Polish Identity Card

DNIe Registered

This identity card is based on the one from the Republic of Poland, complete with black and white bearer photos, personal information and full MRZ code on the back. Professionally printed on a PVC card.

Please also include the Family Name (Nazwisko Rodowe) to be included on the card in the comments section .



Spanish Identity Card 

NIE Registered

This multi-colored national id card features a black-and-white bearer photo, signature and personal information. Professionally printed on PVC card with gold microchip.

  • Please include the maternal surname (segundo apellido) in the comments section of your order, otherwise this field will be left blank.



Maltese Identity Card

EU Data Protection  Registered

This identification card from the island country of Malta is professionally printed on PVC card, featuring a full-color bearer photo, signature and personal information. The back of the card features a gold chip and MRZ code.



French Identity Card

CNIL  Registered

Complete your European character identity with this National Identification Card.

Prior to 1 January 2014, French national identity cards were issued with a maximum period of validity of 10 years.

On 1 January 2014, the period of validity of new cards issued to adults was increased from 10 to 15 years.



Swiss Identity Card 

EEA/CEFTA  Registered

Complete your Swiss identity with this National Identification Card. Includes embossed ID number and date of birth.


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